Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is breast cancer awareness month! From Oct. 1st to Oct. 31st, we try to raise awareness, understanding, and money for the existence and treatment of breast cancer. This month at ACO, we are doing our part by donating $1 for every box shipped from our warehouse to breast cancer research and treatment.*


2020 has been a unique year by almost every measure of the word. For better or worse, our lives have all been touched in one way or another by the circumstances of our world, and as a society we have seen how much it matters to care for one another.

During breast cancer awareness month, it is important that we listen, empathize with, and support those who are affected every day. Living with breast cancer is an experience that no one expects, or desires. Listening to the stories of those affected is an important part of understanding and supporting them through their experience. 


Although we have made impressive strides in treating breast cancer, a diagnosis is a life changing event. It is important that you and your loved ones are always aware, and active about checking themselves.

A common misconception is that men are excluded from having breast cancer - although it is extremely rare (about 1% of breast cancer cases) it is still possible. Self examinations should be done frequently, particularly for women, and you should consult your doctor on the best ways to keep on top of your health. 


During breast cancer awareness month, it is important for us to be compassionate for those afflicted, as well as the families who suffer in tandem. If someone your know or love has or had breast cancer, be sure to remind them how much you care, and ask if you can do anything for them.

If your friends or family have friends or family who are suffering, ask what you can do to take some stress of their shoulders. Practice compassion, practice awareness, and remember to take care of yourself and your health. 





*Donations in the form of products