80s are the new 20s!

Bob Lindsey is a senior citizen that is in his late 70s, very close to his early 80s, who loves staying active and exercising regularly. With the help of Jason Littlefield, Bob was able to get back to being active and participating in manually laborious activities. Bob volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and helps with building houses as well as working on various hiking trails around his area. 

Mr. Lindsey is able to stay healthy and productive with the help of his Vista TLSO upper thoracic vest as well as his DJO Bilateral Defiance knee braces. Bob's overwhelming support in these products is just one avocation towards people of his age getting back to doing what they love. He is also very pleased with how Jason was “very well communicated” and was “able to teach extremely well”.  A key part of utilizing these products is being able to effectively understand the usage as well as how to properly put them on. Jason worked to establish trust between him and Mr. Lindsey by being extremely passionate about his work and was extremely effective in teaching the proper safety procedures. “If you want an in-depth look at an ethical man, that's Jason. He is compassionate and understanding has a willingness to transmit intellectual elocution to the level of understanding of the recipient and goes out of his way to make sure learning has occurred. He did an exquisite job.”

In his past, Bob had participated in Judo, Freestyle Wrestling, and Powerlifting which taught him to always take care of his body and to make sure that any exercise he did was safe and effective. Bob had “tremendous success wearing the braces”, however, he does not wear them currently, and stated that he would “not hesitate to put them back on if need be”. Bob did not wear the braces to alleviate pain; rather, he wanted to ensure proper anatomical alignment whenever he participated in house building, Navy Seal TRX exercises, gardening work, and even rowing exercises. 

Functionally, the braces worked wonderfully for Bob. “Although I was able to walk down the stairs without the need for the braces, I felt more comfortable and assured that I would not slip or have my legs give out from under me”.  A key takeaway from his increased assurance is understanding that the individual utilizing these braces is not going to be 100 percent comfortable wearing the brace at the beginning. This is what Jason was able to help him recognize. The more comfortable he is with his braces, the better the results will be. 

Ultimately, Bob is a senior citizen that is in his late 70s, that is able to continue doing what he loves to do. Whether that is helping out with Habitat for Humanity, doing TRX workouts, or even cardiovascular exercises such as rowing. Bob is able to be extremely active thanks to his experience with the Vista TLSO upper thoracic vest and the DJO Bilateral Defiance knee brace. Finally, Bob wanted to specify that his success with these products was due to the capabilities of Jason Littlefield. Jason's teaching and passion for helping Bob is a large contributor to his overall success.