5 Foods To Build and Maintain Healthy Muscles and Bones

 1. Yogurt!

Yogurt is an excellent choice for a healthy snack. On top of being a healthy and quick option, the high calcium content helps support bone health. Many brands of yogurt are also fortified with vitamin D to give you an extra boost.



2. Fish!

More specifically, salmon and tuna. On top of the fish oils, just a few ounces of tuna or salmon can provide you with a huge boost in vitamin D intake. Beware however, consuming too much fish may pose a risk if the mercury content becomes problematic. Consult with your doctor to determine what is best for you if you grow concerned.



3. Spinach!

Spinach is the leafy green that keeps on giving. Not only does it support your bone health with a solid dose of calcium, it also contains fiber, vitamin A, and iron. If you have the taste for it, spinach is a superfood that you can add to your daily routine. Your body will thank you. If you can’t handle the spinach taste, consider blending a small handful into a fruit smoothie – it hides very well among the sweet flavors.



4. Lean meats!

As great as a BBQ sandwich or a nice juicy steak may look, lean meat is the way to go if you are trying to be health conscious. Chicken is a diverse meat that can be prepared in so many ways. Find different recipes that bring new and interesting flavors to the table. On top of the great taste and diverse meal options, the high protein content and lack of fat will help keep your muscles growing strong and your body feeling good.



5. Nut butter!

If you don’t have any prohibitive allergies, nuts can be one of the best foods for keeping your body running in tip top shape. Nut butters of any kind, be they peanut, almond, or other, can provide a great protein packed snack that pairs well with so many different accoutrements – apple slices, crackers, toast, and more. The possibilities are endless.