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What We Can Do

Our wide range of products and services offers customers a unique purchasing experience that combines the best quality with time and money-saving billing solutions. We are committed to bringing our customers the latest technology, while keeping you informed of advancements in our industry. Whether you prefer a full service approach that manages your entire medical supply inventory, or just a lending hand while using our web-based ordering platform, ACO Med Supply offers the flexibility and balance of support that works best for our customers' individual practices.

Third-Party Billing

ACO Med Supply understands DME billing and is here to make the billing portion of your business as easy as possible. ACO Med Supply's programs are designed to work for large offices and others are customized for smaller satellite locations. We deal with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, in addition to being Jayco-certified. ACO Med Supply is here to help and invites you to a "design-it-yourself" model. Offering numerous billing and purchasing solutions means that ACO Med Supply is your partner in complete patient care.

"Because we are a small, independently owned company, we are able to customize the billing model so it fits specific clinic needs."

- Stuart Ross
  President, ACO Med Supply, Inc.


Our Mission: To deliver responsive and innovative healthcare products and solutions that bring value to our partners, positively impacting patients' lives at a reduced cost.

Day in and day out, the ACO Med Supply Team works to maintain a close relationship with its customers.

  • In many instances, the ACO Med Supply Team will not only deliver, but work to set up and un-pack, the equipment to ensure the customer is absolutely 100% satisfied.
  • ACO Med Supply offers numerous types of billing models to fit your individual needs as a customer.
  • Our sales teams work to develop first-hand relationships with our customers to ensure they are getting the right products and services to their patients.
  • ACO Med Supply will keep you up-to-date on the newest and most technologically-advanced products from the time they hit the market, so you will always have the best equipment available.
  • With numerous customer service representatives, ACO Med Supply makes it trouble-free to get your questions and concerns answered quickly and effortlessly.

Sales Representatives

ACO Med Supply Sales Representatives provide customers with everything needed to treat their patients efficiently and affordably. This partnership approach has allowed ACO Med Supply Reps to become the most reputable and reliable distributors in the southeast. Our well-educated and informative sales representatives are amongst the best in the industry and understand the importance of having a long-lasting relationship with our valued customers. Our Sales Representative Team consists of over 35 members and currently covers 10 states.

Customer Service Department

Our highly-trained staff works diligently to provide you with all the answers and suggestions to make your daily tasks as easy as possible. The attention to individual customer needs sets ACO Med Supply apart from larger firms. ACO Med Supply currently has 70 people within our sales, service and operations area. Competition from large group purchasing organizations and integrated delivery networks does not daunt ACO Med Supply's sales force, which concentrates on customizing plans to fit unique customer needs. ACO Med Supply's philosophy reflects that notion: "ACO Med Supply is a privately held business, not a policy-driven conglomerate. We run the system, as opposed to the system running us." At ACO Medical Supply, we want your facility to be successful and profitable, because it's our goal to help you meet yours.

Contact us at:

ACO Med Supply, Inc.
6510 Northpark Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28216

Phone: 704.921.0116
Toll Free: 800.351.8006
Fax: 704.921.0117