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Introducing the SAM® Pro 2.0 - Home Sweet Relief

Congratulations! You are entitled to one of the greatest medical devices of the industry! You can use the sam® 2.0 every day, and it is the only pain management ultrasound device that is FDA-approved for at home use. The gentle ultrasound waves of the sam® 2.0 help to repair soft tissues and reduce chronic pain.

Key features include:

  • Hypoallergenic 3M patches
  • Smart treatment monitoring
  • Gel-capture patch
  • Easy to use instruction

sam® 2.0

The latest medical innovation in mechanobiology to accelerate soft-tissue repair, sam ® 2.0 delivers sustained acoustic medicine in a convenient and wearable device approved for prescription home use.

Developed and clinically PROVEN with research studies supported by the National Institutes of Health and United States Department of Defense . sam® 2.0 is the first medical device of its kind to offer single touch control, autonomous-treatment, rapid charge, enhanced coupling patches and rugged housing. The device is designed for patients with arthritis and chronic injuries. Easy to use, safe and effective.

Innovative Features

  • Military-specified materials and fuel cell made in the USA. sam® 2.0 is the preferred option for US Veterans and Military.
  • Rapid charge intelligent controller with integrated label within plastic for easy daily use and cleaning.
  • Gel-capture patch for more effective sam® treatment and easier geriatric application.
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge for sustained acoustic medicine treatment

Coupling Patches

  • Provides multi-hour ultrasound coupling for treatment.
  • Patented technology to allow for daily wear without skin irritation.
  • Gel-capture feature maintains sam® gel securely in place during application.
  • Made in the USA, sam® coupling patches employ medical grade adhesives by 3M® Science.


Multi-unit medical-grade charging cabinets
  • 20 Unit Rapid Charge
  • IEC 60601
  • Wall or Benchtop
  • Secure lock
Military and Professional Deployment Cases
  • Travel with 14 device
  • Space for coupling patches
  • Durable, waterproof, shock resistant case


Phone: (844)SAM-MEDI | 844-726-6334