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Customer Service Department

Our highly-trained staff works diligently to provide you with all the answers and suggestions to make your daily tasks as easy as possible. The attention to individual customer needs sets ACO Med Supply apart from larger firms. ACO Med Supply currently has 70 people within our sales, service and operations area. Competition from large group purchasing organizations and integrated delivery networks does not daunt ACO Med Supply's sales force, which concentrates on customizing plans to fit unique customer needs. ACO Med Supply's philosophy reflects that notion: "ACO Med Supply is a privately held business, not a policy-driven conglomerate. We run the system, as opposed to the system running us." At ACO Medical Supply, we want your facility to be successful and profitable, because it's our goal to help you meet yours.

Contact us at:

ACO Med Supply, Inc.
6510 Northpark Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28216

Phone: 704.921.0116
Toll Free: 800.351.8006
Fax: 704.921.0117